PERMANENT Secretary in the Ministry of General Education, Dr. Jobbiks Kalumba has asked public schools to adopt the Great North Road Academy Education model which provides a solution to the education system.

Speaking as he officially called to order, the Spelling, Reading, and Speech Competition that saw Chilanga Campus emerging as the best performing (winner) for secondary section, Main Campus best-primary Sections in the competition organised by the group of schools in partnership with BigTree Brands at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka on Friday June 21, PS Kalumba said there was need for everyone to learn from Great North Road Academy’s way of doing things (watch full video on the school page).

“… it is important to partner with private institutions. Great North Road Academy, you have led the way and I want to ask all the public schools to adopt your formula [education system]. You have introduced the Rehabilitation Centre, the first of it’s kind in the nation. For what you have done, may the good Lord bless you. A lot of our children are going to receive wonderful services from this centre. We have to learn from you. As government, we must learn from this formula you have introduced in the [educational] system,” Dr. Jobbiks Kalumba said.

He added that, “I look forward to a day that children from private and public schools can compete on such initiatives [spelling Bee contest]. As people, we must begin working on investing in skills development. Great North Road Academy, you’re leading the way, this is the way to go.”

Great North Road Academy group of schools director, Dr. Rozious Siatwambo said that, “Nowadays, are days when graduates must be graduating to create employment, and not seek it. Parents should accept that things have changed”.

He added that, “Skills and talents will in the nearest future be at the centre of development. Hence, Great North Road Academy Group Of Schools is set to introduce a new wing called, School Of the Gifted, a centre that will educate and nurture talents. You’ll agree with me that, the white colour job market is shrinking, and therefore, relying on the old system of educating learners or children will only keep us under an umbrella of consumers and not producers.”

“The old generation believed in the notion that, I am taking my child to school so that when they complete school, they can be a lawyer and work for such and such a company. This time around, things have changed. Graduates must be graduating to create employment, and not seek it. Parents should accept that things have changed. We need to embrace talents and skills. Encouraging children to participate in spelling, reading and speech competitions add value to the learners’ skills. It gives them the capability to engage in meaningful debate and rational thinking. It gives them an understanding of various matters, and allows them to master the art of public speaking. We’re training learners for the great tasks that lie ahead of them.” Dr. Siatwambo said.

BigTree Brands representative, Brenda Kumwenda thanked the school for accepting to partner in educating learners on a different level such as the Spelling Bee.

Chilanga Campus of the Great North Road Academy is the overall winner of the competition in the secondary section and the Main Campus in the primary section. Other campuses that performed exceptionally well are Avondale and Livingstone Campuses of the school.


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