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You want to learn how to tackle exams?

Good examination results / grades, are what every parent wishes for, for their child. And making it big in life is every child’s dream.

We’ve heard some people say, “Private or holiday tuitions are for the dull; those that perform poorly in school”. Aside this statement, some people have been heard say, “Tuitions are for those that are in an examination class (Grade 7, 9, 12).

The notions above are incorrect! Yes, totally incorrect because, the notions lack the reality of who can attend tuitions and why.

Here’s something you might want to know about private / holiday tuitions;

By opting for private / holiday tuitions, learners benefit from a one-to-one attention, and a personalized lesson plan that specifically address their weaker subject areas. The private tutors will be able to quickly identify which areas of work a pupil is having trouble with, and often by just using an alternative approach, or explaining something in a different way student are able to readily grasp difficult concepts.

Tuitions are not restricted to only pupils in examination classes, but, all grades. This helps better and broaden the learner’s attention span as well as easy understanding of issues.

Here at Great North Road Academy, we value every learner, and strive to identify and help in all areas of a pupil’s academic life.

Contact us in advance, and secure your child’s place for this Holiday Tuitions.


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